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"Sim Aquarium FreeTank" introduction:

Sim Aquarium Screen Saver brings the most realistic and wonderful reef aquarium to your computer screen. You can choose among 41 species of fish, and you can have up to 12 fish in the aquarium at the same time; add to that the clams and swaying coral. With all the user-controlled features, this program is getting impressively near the real thing. Now everybody can afford a beautiful reef aquarium. You just have to see it to believe it.

Version 2.6 fixes "black screen" problem.

CNet Review:

This screensaver's mesmerizing 3D graphics may hypnotize you, but its extensive feature set will snap you out of your daze. Sim Aquarium transforms your desktop into an aquatic arcadia. You can customize your tank with surface, bubble, and sound effects, and you can even import audio files to create a rocking aquarium.

The demo version includes five preset fish types and two tanks, whereas the paid version adds five tanks and lets you stock them with up to 41 species of fish. A word to the wise: Sim Aquarium takes up a hunk of hard-drive space and system resources, so make sure you have ample memory available. If you're looking for some aquatic magic for your desktop, this screensaver is for you.

"It's OK for free. (apparently the paid version is better?)"

The few fish look nice. The water lighting is kinda nice, too. It really is free.

The settings are weak. No choice of what appears or how it appears, unless you buy and register the full version. The settings are basically a commercial for the full version, which gives choices of fish tanks. The free version looks totally bare.

"You get what you pay for"

Of course, I love the fact that this is free.

The free option doesn't offer much scenary at all; just a few little fish swimming around. No coral.

"free is free, trialware is trialware"

free for the trial period. not free after that

Tell the truth. Save people the hastle of installing stuff they think is free and need to uninstall if they don't want to pay for it.


is nice


"Didn't realize it was a 2 week trial. Uninstalled it as soon as I saw it."

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet

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