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  "Sheep vs. Gravity Screensaver" introduction:

Don't try counting the sheep in this screensaver--they have way too much trouble with gravity. In Sheep vs. Gravity, the woolly guys bounce higher and higher until they finally explode into mutton on impact. This update adds a new install/uninstall function, and some of the internal settings have been tweaked to reduce the memory usage.

CNet Review:

This silly screensaver has a pretty funny concept if you like dark humor, but the execution could be better. A quick installation brings you right to the screensaver control panel so you can get started immediately. Sheep vs. Gravity Screensaver presents you with a peaceful view of sheep grazing in a field. After a short time, they begin to jump, bouncing off the ground and sides as they go higher. Once the sheep reach maximum height, they fall back to the ground and explode into pieces. Some animal lovers may find this offensive, but it's less gory than it sounds. The bouncing sheep are accompanied by the "1812 Overture," which adds to the absurdity. The graphics are as simple as an old-school video game, and the active window is much smaller than your monitor, with no option for changing the screen size. We would have liked more settings, such as for screen size or number of sheep, but you can only turn the music and sound effects on and off. If you have a sick sense of humor, Sheep vs. Gravity Screensaver is worth a look.

"Interesting way to destroy sheep"

Summary: Okay, it might be to everyones' taste, but it is fun to watch, (be warned the sound can be LOUD).

Suspect people will have it as there screensaver for a while before then change it to something a little bit more sensible, but will go ba...

"Cute, but not much to it."

Summary: Unlike others, I had no install problems whatsoever (Win2000). This is a cute screensaver, but it will probably bore you quickly.

"I couldn't even unzip it..."

Summary: I downloaded this screensaver three different times, and each time the process was unable to be completed. I am running XP, and I use both winzip and winrar... Neither were able to open it.

"Installation failed"

Summary: I am running Windows98/SE, which is supported, according to the documentation. I unziped the software, started the setup program and selected the C:\WINDOWS directory per the instructions (read me file). The installation failed before it reached 0...

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