2Flyer Screensaver Builder
  "Share My Picture" introduction:

Share My Picture will help you to package some pictures to an EXE file or a picture package that extend name is JPM.

Main Features of Share My Picture:

  • Creates EXE package;
  • Creates JPM package;
  • Creates larruping picture screensaver procedure or slideshow procedure;
  • Browses, zooms, circumrotates, or lightens pictures and does some simple graphic process;
  • Supports picture exchange;
  • Supports the music format of mp3,midi in screensaver or slideshow;
  • Supports a password for your picture package;
  • Keeps the quality when you release these packaged pictures;
  • Supports to add background and your favorite icon to the EXE package.
Share My Picture is very easy to use; you could finish your work with only a few steps! As same as browsing pictures with watch-picture software but more simply and swiftly!

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