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  "Screenzz Photo Sharing" introduction:

Screenzz solves a couple of problems with digital photo sharing. The 1st problem: we take pictures and seldom look at them. The coolest part about Screenzz is after you provide it with your photos it delivers them back to you randomly, a few at a time every day so you can re-live important memories. You can choose to receive your daily photos via email, screen saver, desktop viewer, and/or digital picture frame. The 2nd problem: they are difficult to share. The next coolest part about Screenzz is that you can connect your account to others so in the photos delivered to you, the photos of people you care about are mingled in with yours. They also receive a daily selection of their photos with yours mixed in! Adding new photos to your Screenzz account is as simple as adding them to your 'My Pictures' folder! Screenzz differs from many of the current photo sharing Internet services in that it is not for exhibitionists. Your photos are not browsed through by people you do not know. This software does connect to www.screenzz.com and uploads your photos to an account you will establish there. You must use an email address that you control to identify your Screenzz account. Using your account on Screenzz.com you can invite family and friends to join and connect your accounts so you can share photos. You can also choose from several public collections to provide variety to your photos. Once it is set up, there is nothing to do, except take pictures and load them into your 'My Pictures' folder and wonder what photos Screenzz will show you each day!

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