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  "Screen Soother" introduction:

When you're not working on your PC, Screen Soother lets your computer work on you. This multimedia program contains relaxing still images sequenced with a series of peaceful, animated water scenes, all mixed with soothing, original music to facilitate total relaxation. Create a tranquil environment for alleviating daily stress.

CNet Review:

Calming music and relaxing pictures combine in the aptly named Screen Soother. Though supposedly focused on water scenes, the photo sampler turns out to be a bit more random, offering an assortment of nature shots that includes flowers and animals. Screen Soother allows you to customize the slide-show delay and transition effects such as sliding, splitting, rolling, and rotation. It also is possible to control the animation speed if your PC is slow (or too fast). You can disable the mouse and keyboard as well. We recommend this screensaver for all who enjoy the simple pleasure of nature's beauty.


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