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Linkexe Screen Saver Generator converts Html to Screen Saver. It supports most of the image types such as Gif and Jpg, video/movie, applet and activex suzch as flash and quicktime. With our simple user interface, you can create your Screen Saver just like publishing a website. Unlike other generators, Linkexe Screen Saver Generator create just one single dot scr file. All generated Screen Saver does not show any Linkexe logos to your users. A template is provided for non html users.

"Doesn't exit anymore"

Nothing to like, I can't find the software.

The download link doesn't work in Firefox and nothing happens, but when I tried again in IE nothing downloaded again, but this time I was given a popup of linkexe's site in addition to not getting a download window. The alternate link goes to the same site.

The problem with this is that the linkexe.com site is now no more than a fake website that's providing advertisements and link but makes you think you're "searching" for on Google, just like other site with similar names to popular sites that just offer ads and popups.

"Terrific if you know HTML"

Summary: I used it a year ago with no problems at all. Trying it again now clicking the Add button doesn't work and as mentioned by another reviewer, playing with it using ALT-A and hitting is a work-around.

"simple and efficient"

"Has some problems..."

Summary: I've used this program before in Windows 98... It worked well, at least I thought so. It sometimes is tricky to add things to the wizard, but if you play around with it for a while, you'll eventually get it. When I tried it on Windows XP, it first g...

"Works good."


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