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  "Screen Babe" introduction:

Screen Babe is professional Screenmate and Office's Assistant like development tools. Whether you're a novice multimedia designer or experienced programmer, you can now build powerful, customizeable Screenmate application that integrate easily with the Web and other application.

"Not very good."

Summary: This really isn't very good.You can't do much, and the things you can do don't work correctly.

"The best option for creating screenmates"

Summary: I have been using Screen Babe since 1.33 version. I am impressed by the new capabilities of version 2.0. You do not need programming skills for creating the screenmates, but Screen Babe includes action script and a visual programming interface, so i...

"The best tool for creating screenmate"

Summary: This software is the best tool for making screenmate.

"fotget it"

Summary: what a worse solution

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