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  "ScreenGardens Living Pond 3D Screensaver" introduction:

Living Pond is a beautiful, interactive 3D screensaver that features rainbow-colored koi fish and advanced computer graphics effects. Picking up where 'aquarium screensavers' leave off the 3D effects in Living Pond take advantage of the latest in computer graphics techniques, with water that reflects the scenery and bends and ripples the fish underneath. Choose from 15 beautiful fishes for the pond and watch them move and swim with extremely realistic 3D animations and behaviors. Many preset camera angles are available, or you can even set your own favorite view. You can splash the water and play with the fish, or just sit back and relax to the sights and sounds of your own Japanese koi pond - just don't blame us if you can't stop staring.

"This is a joke...."

Summary: Dont know how it got 94% good rating. I do believe if you bought it, it would be good, But this demo is junk . Hard to select fish, And it has a hazy mask covering whole pond. They did it on purpose, which makes it awful. dont bother.

"Wonderful... simple and harmonious"

Summary: I never saw a screensaver as this. He is perfect and of simple installation and it doesn't have defects.

"Incredibly realistic!"

"cooler and more zen than anything else out there"

Summary: this is very very cool-- love the fish a lot more than my other fish screen saver. it's a lot slicker (and everyone seems to have the other one anyway). very beautifully done.

"Simply terrific."

Summary: The effects artistry and development are especially excellent. Mr. Raefer Gabriel is some kind of genius! The graphics are great, the movement is superb, and the relaxation is optimal. This is a "must-download" for all computer users, not just ko...

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