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  "Sci-Tek Gallery 3D Screensaver" introduction:

Present your most important moments, people and places (captured in digital photos) in a Sci-Tek 3D virtual gallery. Every time you stop working on the computer 3D virtual gallery will fill your screen and present your digital photos. Your memories can now be even closer to you. Version 1.0.7 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

CNet Review:

If you feel your photography deserves not just to be seen, but to be shown, then Sci-Tek Gallery 3D may be the screensaver for you. It displays your images in a futuristic multistory 3D space accompanied by a driving electronic soundtrack. The speed of movement and some of the 3D features are configurable, but not much else. Despite the first-person point of view, you can't move around as you would in a typical 3D game. The camera roams seemingly at random. There's only one gallery, and the screensaver doesn't allow you to add custom soundtracks. Moreover, the trial version limits the gallery to seven photos and displays a nag screen each time you change settings. Sci-Tek Gallery 3D is a novelty, but it's nobody's must-have.

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