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  "Scenes Of Golf" introduction:

Scenes Of Golf Screen Saver displays stunning images from the game of Golf. It's perfect for the home or office computer. Golf enthusiasts will love this screensaver. The trial mode is limited to three images. You can register and unlock an additional 17 images.

CNet Review:

This golf-themed screensaver is certainly cheap to buy, yet we still wish the demo gave you a better idea of what you would be paying for. Scenes Of Golf displays exactly the sort of images you'd expect it to, but it's a shame the demo only lets you view a measly three shots, two of which are close-ups of a club on a ball. Image quality seems good enough, but again, it's tough to make a definitive call due to the trial version's tiny picture offering. The included piano-based soundtrack didn't really float our boat, so it's nice that Scenes Of Golf lets you use your own tunes. You also can augment this screensaver's scant offerings with personal pictures, choose to display images in order or at random, and determine how long each shot stays on your monitor. Still, the inclusion of transition effects would help spice things up. Avid golfers might find this application worth its small price tag, but they shouldn't expect very much from this demo.

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