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"SWF 'n Slide" introduction:

SWF 'n Slide is an extremely easy program for taking any digital images and audio files to create stunning slide shows in minutes to share with family and friends. It works with all the popular file formats for images and audio. SWF 'n Slide can output Macromedia Flash (SWF), HTML, Windows, and Macintosh self-executables, screensavers, and QuickTime movies. Choose from various sophisticated transition effects, special effects, and image filters.

Add text for narration and titles; audio for background music, sound effects, and narration; pan and zoom camera effects; stylish play controls for controlling playback; and mouse-click events for opening URLs, loading external SWF files, or navigating slide shows. Save settings so you can work on your slide shows later. Add advanced animated text effects using Text-Osterone and more customizable preloaders using SWF, Lock & Load. Version 1.119 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

CNet Review:

You won't turn to SWF 'n Slide for complex projects, but there's a lot to be said for ease and simplicity. Unlike full-fledged animation packages, you'll learn the ropes here in minutes. The interface is clear, although attempting sophisticated projects likely will be too time consuming since images, sound, and text are edited separately.

SWF 'n Slide helps you publish your creation to the Web in Flash or QuickTime formats, or package it in a stand-alone executable that runs on PCs and Macs. To make files smaller, you can compress still more music and images. SWF 'n Slide's straightforward functionality and interface make it a solid choice for non-professionals.

"Good balance of functionality and ease of use"

Can control almost everything about each individual slide, e.g. position, scale, quality, pan, zoom, text. Has sensible defaults for each parameter, but allows manual input of everything.

Less control over the appearance (template) than over photos.

Soundtrack continues playing when show is paused or stopped.

Probably not the best for someone who simply wants the very simplest interface.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet

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