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  "SWF Media Browser" introduction:

Browse and manage your SWF files. View Flash movies in the thumbnail mode, view movie-property feedback in thumbnail windows, view movies in IE in full-screen mode, capture pictures of SWF files, set pictures as wallpaper, extract audio resources from SWF files, convert EXE files to SWFs and SWFs to EXEs, make a screensaver with your favorite Flash movies, and share your favorite movies by e-mail.

CNet Review:

Flash movies are a great source for screensavers and desktop wallpaper. Your Web browser stashes them on your hard drive, but how do you get at them? Enter SWF Media Browser. On start-up, it searches your hard drive for SWF files, including those in the Temporary Internet Files and Favorites folders. It displays movies as thumbnails on the right side of the screen and plays them in a large central window. You can quickly set a movie as your screensaver or one of its frames as your desktop wallpaper. You also can extract Flash audio and convert files from SWF to EXE and vice versa. Unfortunately, the program can't download Flash files from the Web. An even more serious flaw is that the automatic search function doesn't scan subfolders, which can make finding files very difficult. Overall, though, SWF Media Browser is adequate for light use, though it's pricey at $30.

"Great Program!"

This program gets the job done right. Even for a trial version, it does the job with easy to use controls. I definitely would recommend this product.

It's a bit pricey.

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