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  "Ronald Reagan Remembrance Screensaver" introduction:

Our Ronald Reagan Remembered Tribute screensaver is a compilation of 22 images that encapsulate his life, his career, and his presidency. Inspired by the some of his most famous quotes and speeches, RI Soft Systems arranged the photos in this screensaver to pay tribute to his lifetime accomplishments.

CNet Review:

The screensaver features about twenty photos of Ronald Reagan. You can see the moments of his life, his career, and his presidency. Unfortunately, the image quality leaves much to be desired due to low resolution. Alongside the pics, you can read his inspirational sayings about America and freedom. The screensaver also includes a patriotic soundtrack. Ronald Reagan Remembrance Screensaver is Flash-based and doesn t have many options. You only can turn on/off the sound. In spite of its flaws, we recommend the screensaver to all Reagan admirers.

"This is for reviewing the SCREENSAVER"

Summary: Keep your opinions about Reagans presidency to yourself. Stupids, this is for reviewing a piece of software, not a person --;

The screensaver was great.

"Overall very well done!"

Summary: I would have liked to had an option to turn on/off "picture detail". That way I could get an idea of the date, place, event, etc. of the pictures being displayed. Other than that, very well done!

"Magnificent - very well done"

Summary: Zaine below is a moron - like all of his ilk he has his fact wrong. Nancy, not Ron consulted an astrologer. Get your fact straight you little pee brained fool

"Excellent, great quotes, could make updates available for both music & quotes"


Summary: Nothing special about the screen saver. Totally average/mediocre

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