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  "Reindeer Poop Screen Saver" introduction:

This Christmassy, holiday-fun screensaver is a bit out there. Snow falls as a reindeer hops across your screen, takes a poop or two, and hops away. Sound effects are included for your enjoyment.

CNet Review:

You already know from the title of this product whether you want to download it. Reindeer Poop Screen Saver delivers exactly what it promises. Snow falls against a black screen. A cute 3D reindeer bounds into view, poops, then looks at you and blushes. It poops again, blushes, and bounds offscreen. The only audio is the expected raspberry. A discreet promo URL appears briefly in the corner, but that's it. The installation presents a few problems, starting with the ZIP format. Once you've installed the program, it doesn't open the Display control panel's Screen Saver tab, but it does set itself as the default. Uninstalling presents difficulties, since the program doesn't appear on the Add/Remove list. The screensaver file installs to C:\Windows, not the system32 folder, so it's hard to find. Fans of potty humor should enjoy Reindeer Poop Screen Saver.



"For Children, Adolescents or the Immature"

One reindeer poops 3 terds.

The graphics are very much behind the times. It's 1 reindeer and a few snowflakes. There could have been a better background. There could be trees, mountains ... something! And I don't like the wording in the lower right corner. Once the reindeer poops, that's it - - nothing exciting at all. I would assume this would be good for a child or adolescent.

"not the best christmas screensaver"


"Low Key Graphics, not much too it."

It was kinda cute, really that's about it.

The graphics are very low-key, not much to it at all. Snow falls and a weired animiated ruldoph goes around and poops little brown balls. I just feel that more work should have been but into it before been released.

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