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  "Rachel Sterling Thong Bikini Screensaver" introduction:

Rachel Sterling and her camouflage thong bikini will keep your screen looking hot while you are away from your computer. This screensaver comes with install and uninstall features. It also is adware- and spyware-free.

CNet Review:

This screensaver displays decent images of the lovely model Rachel Sterling, but disappoints in terms of features and performance. Rachel Sterling Thong Bikini Screensaver doesn't exhibit behavior typical to this sort of program, because the images don't really change. Instead, the large image of the scantily clad model stays front-and-center, while several pictures float past in the background. You can mute the sound, but that's the only customization option this screensaver offers. Though we felt the images were of good quality, the downside is that this application exacts a fairly hefty toll on your PC's performance. We always like to see adware-free screensavers, but in this case, we can only recommend the program to the model's most ardent fans.

"Apealing and easy to use"

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