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  "QSaver" introduction:

"QSaver is a Quotation screensaver. Watch the Quotes fly around your screen in stunning visual effects. Simply watch the screen saver for an occasional grin. Sample quotation files are included and you can add yours easily."

"Was hoping for a PC version of Saywhat"

You have the ability to add your own quotes.

Quotes don't seem random, keeps resetting my desktop background, had some performance issues after I installed (but can't be certain QSaver was responsible).

"Semi-entertaining. Modifable feartures a real plus."

It's a good place to start. Take advantage of the extra features and make it your own.

"Easy to Use - yet highly configurable"

Summary: I needed to learn a set of Bible verses. This let me disable all the internal quotes and edit my own quote file, background, font size, screen resolution, color depth, etc. If there were one drawback it would be that it periodically shows the prog...

"This thing rocks...."

Summary: Butt ugly at first but when configured properly (lots of options!) an absolute beauty for the mind and eye!


Summary: I have been looking for a decent quotations screen saver for years, and this is the first really good one since After Dark's SayWhat which came out in the '80s

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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