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"Python Palace Screensaver" introduction:

Python Palace Screensaver brings you high-color photos of pythons from around the world. If you're a snake enthusiast, this is the screensaver for you. Features include numerous transition effects and the ability to control background colors, image intervals, effect speeds, image sizes and sequences, and whether to play or mute music.

CNet Review:

Even though this screensaver will only appeal to a small niche of users, it does provide a surprisingly solid feature set for no cash. Python Palace Screensaver is all about snakes, offering a variety of pics of the constricting reptiles found in its title. In general, image quality is good, providing enough detail to see all the subtle markings, patterns, and colors on the different pythons. This screensaver lacks sound effects or music, but the rest of its user-customization options should satisfy. For instance, you can apply a number of transitions, set the image interval, and even change the default background color to a gradient of hues. However, the captions never appeared for us, even when we unchecked and rechecked the appropriate box. That gripe aside, the free Python Palace Screensaver should appeal to herpetologists or anyone fascinated by reptiles.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet