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  "Pristine Waters Screen Savers" introduction:

Pristine Waters Screen Saver features a selection of some of America's wild rivers, calm pools, and remote streams in settings of some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere. The pictures are accompanied by an acoustically based digital soundtrack, and all images are captioned and the user may control placement and type size. The excellent screensaver engine provides options for adjusting the delay between picture changes, showing pictures full screen or at original size, muting the audio, using up to 23 transition effects, and taking advantage of Microsoft Plus support. Tray- and desktop-based screensaver controls (which work with any Windows screen saver) are bundled as a bonus.

CNet Review:

This nature-themed screensaver has some good things going for it, but its image quality isn't one of them. Pristine Waters Screen Savers shows you bodies of water from some of America's most scenic locations, including Yellowstone National Park and Wyoming's Wind River Mountains. That's all fine and good, but we wish the image quality was on par with the majestic subject matter. As it stands, many of the shots look blurry and washed-out. The aquatic sound effects add a nice touch, but it would be nice if you had the option to disable them. Still, we're happy with the rest of this screensaver's feature set, which lets you set the image interval, determine the location and style of the captions, and choose from a library of transition effects. If you want yet another nature-based screensaver, it won't hurt you to download this one, but it's certainly not a premium offering.

"Poor quality images and hokey water sounds"

This would have been a great one if the images were clear.

Pale and washed out? The images look like they were printed on a bedsheet. The water sounds like the fountain display at Home Depot. The intent is nice, but I'm going to delete this one.

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