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  "Presentation Publisher" introduction:

Presentation Publisher is for users who want to create standalone presentations, screensavers, and HTML Internet presentations. These presentations can be viewed on any PC running Windows. Presentation Publisher allows you to design multimedia presentations that include more than 100 digital video effects and wipes. Easily add sound and music to your presentations. If you choose to publish your presentation, Presentation Publisher turns your presentation into a single EXE file that you can send to other users via e-mail, FTP, floppy disk or CD-ROM, for them to view and listen to. Presentation Publisher does not have to be installed on the other user's system in order for them to view a presentation that you create.

"It simply does not work"

The idea of this program is good but ...

The program crashed my machine, on 2 different platforms, and constantly froze up. CMB "tech support" kept saying the licensed version works better. It didn't, they would not even refund my money. Their sales line rings into someone's house with the TV going, and a child yelling. Buyer beware.

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