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  "Pokemon The Wastelands Screensaver" introduction:

Only the badest Pokemon duke it out in the Wastelands. This Pokemon screen saver looks more like a video game than a screen saver. One click installation and optional sound.


Summary: Don't be tricked by "Pokemon"! It turned out to be a monster. No creation.

"it is good"

Summary: its kool

"too boring..."

Summary: another screen saver without any animations.what's with the designer?just a freshie in this business line?

""Good but could be better""

Summary: the screensaver is all right but it's just 6 cut-out pokemon bouncing around. I had no problem installing it but this needs a little bit more work.

"Don't bash PKMN"

Summary: Only immature 12 year olds who try to act mature and "cool" bash Pokemon with no reason except "its queer." I won't name such a person, but I will tell you that he posted before me.

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