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  "Places I'd Rather Be Screensaver" introduction:

Places I'd Rather Be Screensaver allows you to build a travel-related screensaver. Just type in the name of any place you would rather be (such as Disneyland or Tropical Island), and the program will automatically retrieve related images from the Internet. You can then use these images to design a slide-show-style screensaver with transitions and other cool effects. Places I'd Rather Be Screensaver sets itself apart from other slide-show-style screensavers by providing several special items that can be displayed along with your images. The most popular display items are the weather window, the vacation countdown clock, and the interactive talking characters.

CNet Review:

Though we praise this free screensaver-creation tool for its innovation and strong feature set, its interface and performance still could use some work. Places I'd Rather Be Screensaver automatically designs a screensaver according to geographic names you enter. For example, you can enter a term such as Paris, and the utility immediately trolls the Internet to acquire as many images as you like. However, since it searches Google and Yahoo the program may return inaccurate and undesirable results. Therefore, we'd recommend finding pictures via a search engine manually, then pasting them onto your slides. The multipane interface isn't logically arranged and seems thrown together, so some users may waste time figuring out how to design their screensavers. Despite those issues, the program offers an excellent number of customization options. For example, you can determine exactly where each image appears on the screen, set the interval between screen swaps, change the background color, and choose from a number of transition effects. You also can edit individual images by altering transparency, pixels, and size, and by adding several effects. Places I'd Rather Be Screensaver is on the right track, but a better interface and more-accurate search results would help push it over the top.

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