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  "Picture Juggler" introduction:

Picture Juggler is a screensaver, but not your father's screensaver. if you want to be surprised by new pictures every day, then this is the screensaver you have been waiting for. Each time the screensaver kicks in, it checks for new images to download. Best of all it is completely for free and without any annoying pop-up ads. The amount of pictures being downloaded and the amount of pictures being cached can be configured as well as the time between each picture being shown. Installation is straightforward: download, install, and it's ready.

CNet Review:

An interesting idea executed poorly, Picture Juggler amounts to just more desktop clutter. Its settings are limited, allowing you to determine how many pictures to download (up to a mere 10), the number of images to store, and display intervals. However, we'd really rather be able to choose which sites to download images from, as well as which images to include in the screensaver. Picture Juggler will satisfy only those with the lowest expectations.

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