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  "Phantom Desktop Screensaver" introduction:

When activated, Phantom Desktop Screensaver hides all application windows, desktop icons, and the MS Windows taskbar, replacing them with an empty desktop. This empty desktop can be the standard wallpaper image, or a custom bitmap and can also be configured to dissolve to a simple black background.

CNet Review:

There's not much to this free screensaver, and its few customization options don't even appear to work properly. Although Phantom Desktop Screensaver sounds like it does something exciting, it really just turns your display into a blank, black space. You also can configure the program to display any BMP image on your PC, but it doesn't support JPEGs or GIFs. Ostensibly, you can enable destkop fade and dissolve effects and configure their speeds, but in multiple tests with different settings, all the program ever did was immediately transform our screen into black space. Pranksters might use this program to fool inexperienced computer users into thinking they have a serious system problem, but most folks probably won't find it a good addition to their own machines.

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