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  "Personal Trainer One" introduction:

Personal Trainer One is a comprehensive food, exercise, and weight management software package. A food journal keeps track of whatever you eat, automatically calculating and analyzing nutritional information in a variety of formats. An exercise journal records physical activity for convenient reference. Separate, detailed support exists for cardiovascular/sport and weight-lifting activities. Other resources include a BMI calculator, caloric requirement estimator, and recipe book that automatically generates a standard nutritional label for virtually any dish. A weight loss consultant is integrated with other program features and figures how many calories one can eat and still meet a desired weight on schedule. Many brand name fast foods are included, and new foods (or exercises) can readily be added. This version includes routine USDA database updates, and the free 'DietWars' screensaver. P.T.O. has a flexible, user-friendly interface, and allows for multiple user profiles on one PC.

CNet Review:

While this program is a great tool for tracking and analyzing food intake and exercise, the data input is time consuming. Personal Trainer One's databases of common foods gives users the ability to access nutritional information from USDA food charts and import them into the user's daily diet values. The exercise-tracking feature gives users the ability to log exercise activities and calculate the calories burned. An extremely helpful feature is the Recipe Book where users can enter recipe ingredients and instructions, and the application calculates the nutritional values for the entire dish. The Weight Loss Consultant takes a user's estimated BMI, activity level, and desired weight loss, and determines how many daily calories are needed to reach goal weight. Additional features include a BMI calculator and a Calorie Requirement Estimator. The 10-day trial is short, but this all-in-one weight-management tool can help with weight loss and nutritional health.

"You're kidding, right?"

At least it was developed for a good cause and at least it gives people some way to archive daily food and exercise.

This software features one of the most outdated and unappealing User Interfaces I've seen in two decades. Personal Trainer One offers little more than at-a-glance calories burned and a few simple reports to show users what they would be able to see by simply recording food and exercise on paper each day.

"Simplistic, Lacks Basic Features"

Tracks both food and exercise in 1 program. Inexpensive. You can add exact amounts of food (not just standard servings).

After you add a custom food item, you can't edit it. You can gain 20 lbs from where you started and the program will tell you you are "on track". Cheesy sounds. Calories burned for standard exercising seems high. Custom foods added are only added for that user. The other users can't access your custom foods. many of the foods in the database do not have data or use a "NLEA" serving (whatever that is).

"worked perfectly for me"

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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