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  "PerfectClock 2007" introduction:

PerfectClock 2007 is a skinnable, flexible, fast and highly customizable program displaying World-Time clocks on your desktop. With Wallpaper Clock support. Using PerfectClock 2007 you will not waste time on time conversion calculations. Each clock can show specific time-zone local time. Clocks can stay on top of other windows, even on top of Task Manager and Screen Saver. Clocks can be Grouped or Locked to avoid occasional movement or Hidden.

Nag screen, No changes to options, clock list and clock properties are saved. Version 2.3.1 build 301 includes unspecified updates.

"So good I paid for it!"

Fully flexible skinning of desktop clocks, multiple clocks visible at the same time, wallpaper clocks that just defy belief - simply fantastic.

"Basic, tried to remove the program but cant fully."

If you want to see a clock its o.k.

Basic and cant be fully removed if you dont like it !!!

Summary: Some nice clocks but nothing too special. There are others better than this.

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