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  "Penny Arcade Screensaver" introduction:

Got an itchin' for some wacky humor? Check out this comic strip screensaver of the characters from Penny Arcade. Like some kind of damned (I don't know) monster (or something), John Jersild lays to waste what you thought a screensaver was capable of. Watch with a combination of glee and wonder as your otherwise joyless screen leaps to life, awash with concentrated humor.

"Nothing special"

The concept of a Penny Arcade screensaver is cool

The install is rather large, and you could get similar results from just using the windows picture screensaver and using whatever comics you want to download yourself.

"Sweetest SS ever"

Summary: P.A. all the way, don't forget to check out the comics at www.penny-arcade.com of course.

"too large a file for such a lame screensaver"

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