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  "Particle Fire Screensaver" introduction:

Particle Fire is a virtual pyrotechnic screensaver, displaying an ever changing visual symphony of fiery, particle-based that are generated randomly in real time. You can select the color scheme, the number of particles, and the average time between special effects, which include explosions, solar rings, plasma swirls, and comets. Particle Fire fully supports password protection under all versions of Windows.

"Nice Light Show"

Some would say that the graphics are not realistic... of course not! It's a computer program LOL. Makes for beautiful colours and patterns when your computer is inactive, and good convo piece.

None whatsoever

"Not really a *fire* screensaver as such. Not free - reg after 7 days $10."


"Fun and different..."

"best screensaver I've ever had"

Summary: this is amazing.. I watched it for like 10 minutes. highly recommended

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