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  "Pac Saver" introduction:

Pac Saver is a Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP screensaver. It faithfully emulates Pacman and Ms. Pacman hardware when used in conjunction with images from the original arcade ROM's (must be downloaded separately from a ROM site). This allows Pacman to be your screen saver while you are away from your desk. Hit a hot key to play the game, and bring back all those fond arcade memories. Insert a few quarters "into the game" by hitting the #3 on your keyboard and then press 1 or 2 players to play the game.

"A good concept but bad product..."

Although the concept of building an emulator into a screen saver is in itself a great idea.

The program wouldn't run properly causing a uninstall wizard to run right after the installation wizard had finished installing the program causing an error. I doubt its my computer maybe a compatability issue judging by the other complaints. I do know that I am going to run an anti spyware program to be safe. I don't recommen this product it might be unsafe but to my knowledge it is deffective. Silver Wind

"Meh... won't run"

Good idea

Just doesn't run on my (or other people's) PC's

"Great Screensaver!"

Summary: This screensaver is great! It works flawlessly once you get it installed. The only downside is that to properly install it, you have to find the rom images yourself. This is understandable since the author would be infringing copyright laws if he in...

"Installed but won't run..."

Summary: Maybe it doesn't work with WinXP? I just get an error messege. "Could not open file 'pacman.rom' or pacman\pacman.6e'"

"Nice but...."

Summary: Even though its free to register, When i try to register it at the site i get this message:
You do not have permission to email the specified recipient.
If someone has successfully registered the product, Any help would be appreciated.

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