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  "OfotoNow" introduction:

OfotoNow is the fastest way to use Ofoto, Kodak's online photo service. The OfotoNow digital photography program allows you to order Kodak prints in a single-click, share photos instantly with friends and family, remove red-eye, crop images, and upload your pictures to Ofoto.com. With OfotoNow, you can create a personalized screensaver from your photos and automatically transfer your photos from your camera to your computer.

CNet Review:

Designed as an easy way to upload images Kodak's Ofoto Web site, this program does its job but lacks extensive editing features. The download and installation are quick and easy, and the polished interface lets you grab files from your camera or your PC. The program allows you to order prints direct from Kodak using a single-click, as well as create basic slide shows. Don't expect extensive editing features, but you will find basic tools for red-eye removal, image rotation, and cropping. The one-step "instant fix" option will appeal to novice users and those pressed for time. In the end, this free program only suits folks who regularly use Kodak's Ofoto service.

"Have a few flaws. Make it easier."

Its easy, fast and convinient

"Ofoto is one of the easiest and best photo editors for novices."


It doesn't work with Microsoft Vista yet.


Summary: I can,t believe that it is a free programme. Excellent for red eye remover and many more........ Even try it and forget all payable programmes

"Great Program, it really works!"

Summary: Works 100%, I use it to edit photos and mostly for Slideshows. My friends & I love it!

"u can zoom in da pic frm this software"

u can zoom in da pic frm this software

u can zoom in da pic frm this software

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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