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  "Nurbs" introduction:

Nurbs is a new 3D interactive screensaver where you can push, join, and spin the 3D-animated nurbs, putting you in control.

CNet Review:

This free screensaver allows for a small degree of user interaction, but that doesn't make up for its lack of sound and customization options. What's a Nurb you might ask? From what we saw, it's a green-and-red sphere that periodically morphs into a three-tentacled creature. You can use your mouse to spin or move the colorful little blobs, but you won't find any additional features. The graphics themselves aren't inherently bad, but the logo touting the developer's Web site does detract from the overall experience, as does the complete lack of sound effects. Since Nurbs is free, it certainly won't hurt you to test drive it, but its simple concept and repetitive action probably won't keep you entertained for more than a few minutes.

"it was dumb"

Summary: i thought it would be something a little more interactive but alll u do is more your mouse around and the dumb little thing follow it!

"Take those irrational b-splines away!"

Summary: Nice Idea, but not really up to scratch. P.A (poor attempt)



Summary: what the hell is a nurb?

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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