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  "Notables" introduction:

Notables is a powerful Personal Information Manager that helps you organize your life with notes, reminders, contacts, and shortcuts, but thats not all. Notables also helps you organize other personal things, like making slideshows and screensavers with your photos, creating playlists of your music, and reading the latest news from popular Web sites.

Notables makes all these tasks and activities faster and simpler for you in a compact, intuitive environment. Your Notes can easily be arranged by name, color, importance, or type, and aside from being viewed in the Note Browser, reminders can also be viewed, edited, and created using a calendar or list view. Notables is designed to store important personal information, so data is stored in common file formats that can be exported from Notables and read in other programs. Additionally, all of your Notes can be easily backed up into a single, portable file that can be transferred to another computer, or stored for safekeeping.

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