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  "Nostalgic" introduction:

A screensaver that shows your digital pictures with zooms, crossfades and pans that make it look like a biography program or documentary making you feel nostalgic. That may sound silly but try it and see. It works. It defaults to showing the images in your 'My Pictures' folder but you can set it to any folder and it will also show images in sub folders.

"Nothing there"

"I don't see why this is free. In the author's place, I'd offer it for sale."

It supports dual widescreen monitors and the images are reproduced in an absolutely dazzling style.

"Truly a really nice "free" program to easily show your pics in screensaver mode."

Visit the author's site at:

"An excellent screensaver"

People who complain about the download being a text file simply need to remove the .txt extension from the end of the filename. This is a *very* nice screensaver. Both thumbs up!

"Much too modest name"

A less catchy, but more accurate, name for this screen saver might be: SimpleSmoothCoolScreensaver 1.11.

Could have (even) more tweaking options, but I like the simplicity. It's just right.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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