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  "North American Scenics" introduction:

This beautiful screensaver displays stunning scenes of North America, including mountains, coastlines, waterfalls, and the Grand Canyon. This screensaver really exposes the beauty of North America. The full-color pictures are displayed, using more than 100 digital special effects. The application is fully customizable, and you can tailor the screensaver to your own tastes. You even can add your own pictures and sounds. It's great for displaying pictures of the family, and background music is included.

CNet Review:

Although it doesn't burden your PC with adware like many screensavers do, North American Scenics's demo restriction still severely hobbles this program. The application promises to bring you a wide variety of the best scenery the continent has to offer, but the trial version limits you to exactly three shots: a waterfall, a desert scene, and an alpine vista. Therefore, we feel most users will quickly tire of this screensaver, even if the images are of decent quality. It's also odd the program doesn't provide captions to explain each picture, so most of its educational value is lost. Still, we were grateful for the rather extensive feature set, which lets you disable the horribly annoying music, set the interval between images, adjust the speed of the transition effects, and enable gradient background fades. In our analysis, North American Scenics is only suitable for the most undemanding users.

"has spy ware"

Summary: pest patrol found hot bar spyware in this program. would not recomend.

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