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  "Newt Professional" introduction:

A network inventory & discovery tool providing fast and easy scanning of over 200 items from NT-based machines with no user-deployment time. Gathered information is displayed in an easy-to-read spreadsheet-like format. Features include discovery & scanning by domain, workgroup, IP range, or by using the built-in network browser featuring real-time operating system & type. Some retrievable items include system information including true CPU type/speed, physical memory, video adapter, monitor, Windows information such as operating system and type, Windows CD key, screensaver, network information as of IP address, IP settings (DHCP/Static, gateway, subnet mask, DNS servers, DHCP server IP), primary network adapter, IDE devices, logical drives, network shares, installed software, virtual memory, hot fixes, fonts, services. Information can be exported to CSV, HTML or a Microsoft Access database.

Version 2.5 Build 120 has added "Scan Status" column from the Primary tab is now displayed under the "Scan Status" tab to allow easier viewing of length scan status messages updates only occur when selecting the row,EMERGENCY FIX: Exit issue wasn't completely fixed in previous build.

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