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  "National Real Time Weather Screen Saver" introduction:

See the latest United States weather forecast and radar and satellite pictures when you're connected to the Internet. When you're not connected, the screensaver will display the last picture, which is automatically saved until you reconnect. To get more information on an image, just click on it. To go back out of an image, click the back button. To close the Screensaver, right-click and select close. This is the same type of tool used by the pilots of the Delta Airlines MEC Safety Committee. Pictures display for 10 seconds.

Version 7.0.7 adds more interactivity.

CNet Review:

This basic program flips among three weather maps of the United States that show an infrared view, current percipitation, and a 12-hour forecast. None of the maps are graphically impressive, and several of them only take up part of the screen, leaving a lot of real estate either blank or full of links to other weather-related sites. The screensaver has no settings, and you have to stay connected to the Internet or the program will display the same image all the time. You can click on various parts of the maps to zoom in or to launch a Web page displaying more detailed weather data, but once you've done so, you won't be able to navigate back to the original three maps. Despite its lack of features and rather rudimentary design, weather buffs may enjoy Real Time Weather Screen Saver.

"Errors and stuff for sure are immenant when running"


err....umm....well...oh yeah, the maps are...ummm..there..yes! the maps are there...something else?...ummmm....errrr......

errors, ads, and generally an ugly interface.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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