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  "My 811" introduction:

Send free text messages, funny ringtones and video to any cell. Send any image, audio or video file from your computer to any cell phone 100% free. Fun Ringtones, Text messaging, Wallpapers, Screensavers, Audio and Video Clips.

CNet Review:

This toolbar lets you send fast, free text messages right from your toolbar. My 811 is a standard toolbar application with several fun features that you can utilize while browsing anywhere.

The program lets users easily send text messages, images, and ringtones by simply entering a recipient's cell phone number, sender number, and an image code. Videos can be sent, provided they don't exceed 10MBs and are in AVI, MPEG, or MOV formats. We were able to create a phonebook of cell phone numbers and have our own number automatically inserted.

Fun, quirky additions to My 811 are jokes, horoscopes, pickup lines, and more that you can quickly e-mail or text to your friends. Each feature, from texts to images to ringtones, is neatly ordered with its own button to quickly showcase its talent. Google searches and a search clearing option round out this free software's exploits.

Although the buttons don't always immediately open, most users will get over that when they see they can quickly, easily, and yes, freely send text messages to friends with My 811.

"Pretty stupid"


Uninstalled this program a few minutes after installing. don't waste your time. the ringtones are HORRIBLE. they're just one second farts or other dumb noises. For all those who make the mistake of downloading, i have some tips to fix your system. First, go to Change/Remove Programs. get rid of the toolbar, then go to Search and look for "811" and get rid of all those 811 files. there are some hidden ones. next, if you have Internet Explorer 7, open it up, and in the very top right, click that arrow next to search the web. change your default to what you want, then remove all the others. that worked for me. IE7 will warn you if you try to change this though, so look for the notification. Good luck. DONT DL!

"Tries to change your default search engine"

Too early to tell

I don't like any program that tries to steal focus from my installed defaults. I use Google search, and this program started off on the wrong foot by trying to become the default search engine. I don't think we are going to get along very well.

"this realy saves me lots of doe"

I found it unbelivable that I could use such technology for free without any strings attaced. i used it 100 times to send my idiot brother pix of his cheating wife

still looking, can't find yet

"can't uninstall, tries to change your search engine"

it may be free

It tries to change your default search engine. Cnet says it is spyware free ? Try to uninstall it, google will send you here. I think I will try CCleaner now to get rid of it. I started getting annoying text messages and telemarketers after trying it. Related? Your cell company charges you for these unrelated text messages, some of them come in the middle of the night. You want free things on your Phone, get BITPIM, and send the author a few bucks.

"installs spyware"

Works OK

Installs malware searchportal.information.com. please search the web; it is extremely difficult to remove.

For more information, please vist:

Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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