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  "More Castles n' Dragons" introduction:

Sequil to the popular Castles n' Dragons Theme, and screensaver. Includes extra icons, animated cursers, web views, startup logos and MPEG Layer 3 sounds. Bonus More Castles n' Dragons Screensaver included in download.

"I enjoy it myself"

I downloaded this for my daughter, she is into drawing dragons on her own. I think she will like it. I am very impressed with the sound effects and all, the only minor flaw is the color scheme it is a little rough on the eyes at first, but able to adjust. I am enjoying it very much myself.

"We have tried to download several times and all we get is file corupted."

"A little hard to initialize but worth it!"

Summary: I love this suite. The only ting that could be a drawback is the dragon's growling. That can be solved rather easily though.

"!Were is it!"

Summary: !I found it!, but it didn"t work.


Summary: I happen to love dragon downloads and this one sucks the big you know what. I wouldnt recommend this to my worst enemy.

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