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  "Moon Goddess" introduction:

The Moon Goddess welcomes you and brings the power of the moon in this mystical theme. It includes animated cursers, extra icons, Webviews, start-up/wait/shutdown screens and MPEG Layer 3 sounds. And as a bonus it includes the Moon Goddess screensaver.

"Too Dark and busy"

"If you like this style of artwork then you will like this theme."

Summary: A bit to complicated of a picture makes it harder to see icons and stuff on the desktop. My only real dislike is that is also changed my status bar font and color (and I cannot get it to change back even after reverting to my old theme a modified XP...

"Title bars way too dark to read anything"

Summary: Graphics and fonts are very difficult to read and see.Colors are way too dark.Music is not appealing to me. Screensaver is not very interesting and doesn't come on when it should.

"This Blows"

Summary: This blows... The graphics are cheap and a 90 year old women whos never used a computer could make this in 5 minutes tops... even with dsl this was a waste of my time......

"Hey Mikey, He like's it!"

Summary: For those of you that couldn't figure out how to download this, you're missing out.

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