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  "Moodflow Inspirational Screensaver" introduction:

Moodflow Inspirational Screensaver includes: 15 mood-inspiring images, high-quality 1600x1200 resolution, and image slideshow with multiple transition effects. Set any image as desktop wallpaper with ease.

CNet Review:

The freeware screensaver offers fifteen 3D-rendered images of breathe-taking beauty. Have you been to Lake of the Sun? Have you ever walked with Orion? Have you seen a real stellar rain? Moodflow Inspirational Screensaver gives you a chance to find out how thrilling the experience might be. Unfortunately, the program doesn t come with an appropriate soundtrack. The screensaver offers quite a rich feature set. You can set the delay between images, select transitions, and even make a favorite image your Desktop wallpaper. Moodflow Inspirational Screensaver is likely to appeal to all fantasy lovers.

"Exellent artwork screensaver"

Very, very impressive colours in the art. Nice imaging and very soothing. Each screensaver pic cannot also be chosen as the desktop wallpaper. A++++++!!!!!

There should be music to complete the perfection.


I love the high resolution pics and it is easy install one of the pics to be your desktop background.


My favorite part is the ability to opt out of the almost creepy way most screen savers select themselves as the current one running.

I just wish there were more free pictures in the same style available.

"Extremely beutiful images"

The most beutiful fantasy and Science Fiction Images I have ever seen

"This was beautiful, the art is flawless, but it's the setup that I have a proble"

I loved the beautiful artwork, and the way that you view life. I loved the emotional connection that you must have with the art. I honestly couldn't say ENOUGH about the artwork. It is the definition of inspirational and realm-defying art.

I have some very honest advice for you.

You NEED to figure out a way to make these all in slideshow form with the music behind it. And you shouldn't put the titles on the actual artwork.

If this was all as a screensaver slideshow form, it would be flawless. The music goes so perfectly with the art.

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