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  "Monkeys Life" introduction:

This screensaver shows images of wild life. The gallery includes orangutan, baboon, chimpanzee, gorilla and other monkeys varieties. This screen saver contains 30 amazing images. All pictures in resolution 1024x768 pixels and high color (24-bit). You may use any image as wallpaper for desktop. Saver is set to automatically fit them to your own screen size.

CNet Review:

Admit it--it's not just kids who stop and stare at monkeys, it's all of us, young or old. This screensaver shows a variety of primates, sometimes alarmingly familiar, including orangutans, baboons, chimpanzees, and gorillas, largely in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, we found the image quality to be somewhat inconsistent.

The program offers a fair number of configuration options, allowing users to set the timing and order of image changes, choose between a variety of transition effects, or display the photos in black and white. Any photo can be used as a background image on the computer's desktop, and wallpaper can be set to switch images every hour. The trial version displays just one-third of the images. Nature lovers in particular may find this an appealing, and often amusing addition to their desktop.

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