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  "Momo's AOL Anti-Idle" introduction:

Momo's AOL Anti-Idle sits in your Windows system tray and dismisses idle/timer pop-ups in AOL 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0. This program serves only to keep AOL's nag messages from disconnecting you during non-AOL downloads, online gaming, e-mail writing, Web page viewing, kitchen runs, and bathroom breaks. It does not prevent you from losing your carrier or being disconnected when your computer goes into suspend or screensaver mode.

"keeps ports open and considered illegal by most ISP's"

it works well

Dah' who needs a dialup anymore. if you want more speed and a continous connection get dsl or cable! It will save you money since it is legal.

"Great Program"

Summary: The Program does what it's suppose to do! Works well with 9.0 & 9.0 SE. Thanks MOMO great job :-)

"Works on AOL 9.0"

Summary: Works on AOL 9.0 that is on Windows XP Home Edition. You don't even install this. You just unzip it and your ready to use it. Caused no stability problems whatsoever.

"It even works with Compuserve!"

Summary: I was being dropped on Compuserve whenever I was listening to a conference or using another email system. I installed it since Compuserve's staff couldn't help me. The Idle timer would go off after 30 minutes and then EVERY 5 MINUTES! or I would g...

"v. good, but doesn't work for 7.0"

Summary: A very nice little package and free. But unfortunately it doesn't do the magic for 7.0.

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