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  "Mmmm Beer 3D Screensaver" introduction:

Mmmm Beer. This screensaver will have you drooling like a mental patient as you gaze in wonder while 3D beer bottles float around your screen in stunning 3D. They look almost good enough to have you licking your computer screen in frustration. To add to the mesmerizing experience, you can have an optional clock going, and a configurable countdown to Beer O'Clock, so you know to the second how long you have to wait till your work is done, and you can down a cold one. The screensaver includes some of the world's favorite brews, such as Budweiser, Heineken, Foster's, and Carlsberg.

CNet Review:

If you're a Homer Simpson type who always has beer on the brain, chances are you'll like this screensaver. When you launch Mmmm Beer 3D Screensaver, you'll see numerous beer bottles come floating toward your screen. The brands include Foster's, Budweiser, and Heineken, which you either can view individually or mix at random. The appearance of the bottles and the sound of them clinking together are both very realistic. But since clinking glass is a grating sound by its very nature, many users may choose to disable the audio. Other features include the ability to determine the amount and size of the bottles that appear onscreen. As a bonus, this screensaver is totally free, meaning its target audience will have more money to spend on that next six-pack or case or suds.

"Easy to use."


"Like it, looks bad ass"

good looking graphics, you can select many options

none, bottles could move a little faster

"Nice piece of creation, but as one commentor has said the clinking can grate."

Reminds me how much I enjoy a cold beer when the occasion arises.

Some times the pronuonced clinking can anoy. Probally better to just leave the one clink as each bottle touches.

"Very nice to look at , but needs to add some bottle brands too."

The near realism of the bottles themselves and the excellent clicking sound .

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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