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  "Minehunt" introduction:

Wasted enough hours playing Minesweeper? Get even with your computer by forcing it to play Minesweeper while it waits for you! Features include an animated cursor and many options for customization.

"Great screen saver"

Very realistic. Almost like someone is actually there playing minesweeper. Has a lot of options (like field size and mine number).

Graphics could be a bit better.

"so cool"

Summary: awsome if i'm board turn on the screen saver and enjoy

"very smooth"

Summary: very smooth - looks just like someone is controlling the mouse for you


Summary: this program can save you a whole bunch of time, because the pc plays instead of you.
i love this game. we must call it a game, even if it makes the computer play and you watch it, but hack, tennis is a game even though most of us never plays ...


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