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  "Media Show Pro" introduction:

Media Show Pro creates presentation in stand-alone .EXE file. Using a clean-looking, intuitive interface, you select pictures from any combination of folders on your system. The program allows using beautiful transition effects and background music. Presentations can be automatic (by timer) or controlled manually. If you prefer, you can create SCR files (instead of EXE), and use your presentations as a standard Windows screensavers.

Version 1.45 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

"User friendly, however full of bugs"

1. Very intuitive

Can't be called even a Beta product - it lacks basic things:

1. Can't rotate an image!!!!! - where the hell was the developers head when they forgot to put it there?

2. If you used your pics from a CD, then take it out and try to re-run the program - it hangs as it looks for the CD and doesn't even let you choose a different location!!! You can't even get rid of it without task manager! Hey - have you heard anything about software quality assuarance?

3. It can be a great program - just devote 2 minutes to test it before you try to sell it.

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