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"Mc & Renox WinLock" introduction:

WinLock, protects your Windows desktop using password, hide desktop icons, application bar and start button, and restricts the mouse movement. Features: can run your screensaver automatically, has acoustic alarm, and transparent window.

CNet Review:

Stay away from this outdated freeware access program. Not only does it fail to adequately protect your computer from others, but it can also cause problems for you. The tiny interface that appears at start up holds a set of nine unmarked buttons, a button with an "X" and a button with a check mark. There's no Help file and the publisher's two lines of marketing copy on its Web site are useless.

WinLock proved to be a problem the moment it was installed. Placing the mouse over the interface brought up a tiny window asking the user to set a password, but it disappeared before the information could be entered. The desktop icons disappeared, along with the system tray, taskbar, and Start menu. An attempt to call the Task Manager displayed a dialog that access was blocked by the administrator.

At that point novice users may panic. Testers found the easy solution. Restarting the system eliminates WinLock's hold. Uninstalling the application is far easier than is common with programs in this genre. No password is required to remove the program. Both workarounds prove to be WinLock's undoing. It is so easy to bypass, it's not worth the effort to download it.

"Its ok i guess"

it can protect you from people who aren't computer literate.

it was very easy for me to get around it (in windows vista) all you need to do is hit ctrl+alt+delete log off and hit "l"

"not worth the time to download"

It works to lock the computer against honest people.

it quits working as soon as you hit the power switch.when it reboots,it's like winlock was never there!

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet

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