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  "Matrix Screensaver - Animated Matrix Code" introduction:

Matrix Screensaver - Animated Matrix Code. The Matrix has you - and your desktop! Download the official "matrix code" screensaver and find out if you're "the one". Works on any PC, completely free. Features the "scrolling code", green on black.

"Not the Screen Saver, just a downloader"


This isn't the actual screen saver, it actually downloads a downloader/browser that launches a web page where it gives you the option to download a bunch of different screen savers. Not gonna bother.

"No SS"




"WARNING!!!!!!!!! Do not download this screensaver."

Kaspersky Internet Security discovered backdoor Trogan and prevented screensaver from downloading.

Trogan program Backdoor.win32.Hupigon.ugc. Deleted and backup copy created.

Summary: I am going to run a FULL scan as soon as I finish posting my experience downloading this Matrix Screensaver-Animated Matrix Code 1.7. Peace out.

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