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  "Matrix Screensaver" introduction:

Put the real Matrix code from the movie directly to your desktop screen. Use the authentic Matrix green font or simply set the screensaver as you need. Can change speed, color, Matrix density, or use random setting for each start. Enjoy this Matrix world and release daily routine for a moment. Version includes unspecified updates.

"trial version...."

I need a lisecnce for this..were do i get it from??plz some1 help

"Wonderfull and so realistic. I try all. This is the best."

"I use random color mode. Every time I satisfied."

Great, nice, perfect. Thanks

"simple and dreadfully flawed"

easy to use and to install, but it is dreadfully flawed as a protective program.

Anyone can get around this program by hitting cntrl alt delete and bringing up the task manager on top of the application. Not hidden behind the screen saver image (as it should be) task manager then allows anyone to stop or end the program, effectively making it useless. How silly.

"This is great"

Looks great, works great. Caught me by surprise when it addressed me by name.

Wish I had found it sooner

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