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  "MatrixMania Screensaver" introduction:

This is a fantastic, fully customizable Matrix screensaver of the code that displays on Tank's screen in the movie. This beautiful, psychedelic screensaver is recommended for every Matrix fan. Jast look at your screen and relax.

CNet Review:

Yet another screensaver hoping to capitalize on the success of the blockbuster Matrix movies, this program will probably appeal only to hard-core devotees of the film. Like several other screensavers we've seen, MatrixMania Screensaver basically displays the movie's trademark lines of computer code moving across your screen. Unlike many competitors, however, this one gives you a fairly large degree of configurability, letting you change the speed, density, balance, noise, color, and inversion of the Matrix code. The graphics are adequate, but you won't find any sound effects whatsoever. Because this program is only a simple rendering of computer code, we think die-hard Matrix fans will be far more impressed than will the general population.


I always wanted a screensaver that doesn't take up much memory or have special sound effects or anything, but simply display the exact falling green codes from the Matrix movie. The official one from the Matrix site was a total disappointment. I can't believe the people who revolutionized the computer-graphics in movies made such crap. Anyway, so far you can't find the exact one from the movie, but this is the closest someone has come to it. This is better than its competitors, because the size is good, the color is awesome, and it's quite simple, and let's face it. It looks cool!

Although this is the best in the market, in the real one, the lines fall at different speeds, i.e., some fall faster than the others. This one doesn't implement that, so all the things fall at the same time, which is boring, but if you're not a hardcore matrix fan, you won't notice it. I've took the effort to register, because the nag screen is just plain annoying.


Cool screensaver

Who the h*** want to give 14.95$ for a screensaver... Better use them on your girlfriend!


Summary: best Matrix screensaver ever

"Best Matrix code out!"

Summary: If your'e only looking for a falling matrix code screensaver than this is the one you want. No visual extras from the movie. Just code. You can adjust speed, density, balance, and a few other aspects

"The best I've found."

Summary: This is the best Matrix Code screensaver I've located for actually looking like the movie. Various settings tweak it easily.

The only thing I'd ask for is an explanation of those settings...

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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