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  "Mario Screensaver" introduction:

It is a screensaver with Mario going through different levels. There is sound, which can turn sound off. The screensaver has bright colors and good music. Enemies try to kill Mario, but Mario jumps over them. Just move the mouse when you want to exit the screensaver.

CNet Review:

This free screensaver puts a scene from the classic Mario Bros. video game on your PC, but you'll have to suffer through a confusing installation and deal with a lack of features. Though the program's installer states you can find Mario Screensaver via the Control Panel, we actually had to go to a folder on our hard drive to run the SCR file. When you finally launch the program, you'll see Mario hopping about in one of the familiar worlds from the video game, as the classic theme song plays in the background. One problem with the program is the main scene occupies only a small portion of your screen, leaving the rest of it blank. And because of its rather repetitive nature, we really wish the developer had included customization options so users could tweak the screensaver's appearance to liven things up. Hard-core or old-school video games might find this freebie worth downloading, but it's clearly not a must-have for most of the population.

"For some reson I can't get to work right."

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