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  "Magnetosphere" introduction:

Here is this thing that does stuff in iTunes. There is magnetism, there is gravity, but on top of all of that, there is awesomeness. Watch as all the dots and ribbons go bouncy bouncy when you play music and trigger this visualizer. This is the future of visuals.

By the way, don't go crazy with the A and S keys - they add or subtract a hundred particles at a time - tap once or twice and wait for the results. If it starts acting poorly because you hit a bunch of keys, just quit and restart.

"good extra visualization"

Nice change of visualization for itunes. Kept me entranced for a while.

Not as much variation in effects as the built in one. Should have more options, like to change the effect every minute or so.

"Excellent visuals for itunes"

Brilliant visualisations, 'dances' with the music.




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